Student Stories

Graduates of the UW Master of Public Health in Community-Oriented Public Practice program are prepared for a variety of rewarding careers in public health. 

Elizabeth BurpeeElizabeth Burpee

ReFresh Coordinator, Broad Community Connections

“With the problem-based learning approach, I learned how to take charge of my own learning. We were — as a group and as individuals — essentially in charge of figuring out how to figure things out. My professional and personal confidence grew a lot.”

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Catherine RizosCatherine Rizos

Director of Communications, Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation

"You work together with classmates to learn about the important facets of key topics using that one person or one community story. I think that practical application of public health knowledge really sets this program apart.”

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Sarah WylieSarah Wylie

Health Promotion Strategist, Oregon Health Authority - Public Health Division

“I think the program did a great job assembling a group of people with very diverse career experience. As we worked together on cases and projects that were actually benefiting the community, we felt like we were coworkers. In terms of thoughtfulness, intelligence and experience, it really was an exceptional group.”

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